We are Ye Banished Privateers!

YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS takes you 300 years back in time for an imaginary journey through the harsh life at sea during the early 18th century. With songs inspired by traditional Irish and Scandinavian folk music, acting and elaborate historical clothing the privateers tell a story about the rough sailor’s life, lived on the other side of the law– and the fight against oppression and nationalism.

Together, the nearly 30 crew members take turns to go on tour and plunder, and with around a dozen sailors on stage no two shows are ever the same. The mix of rude folk and punk music invites you to dance and sing along, while the gripping ballads will make the toughest pirate heart soft.

Watch the Hostis Humani Generis Online Concert here



Björn "Bellows" Malmros

Accordion and vocals

One eye be the ship's first mate

Starboard side he can't locate

She used his eye for fishing bait

Blackpowder Pete

Vocals and quartermastery

Quarter master blackpowder Pete

Clad in gold from top to feet

A shady man of selfish needs

Lads and lassies best take heeds

Bloody Liz

Percussion and fury


Percussion, guitarra and vocals

Eva the Navigator

Fiddle and Vocals

Freebird af Wærmaland

Fiddle and vocals

Happy Lou

Fiddle and dance

Ina Molin

Percussion and deadly roars

Jonathan "Hog Eye"

Lookout & Banjo player

Our lookout drunk in the crow's nest lies

No ship nor rock his hog eye spies

Magda Malvina Märlprim

Guitarra and vocals

Meatstick Nick

Bass and bass trombone

Monkey Boy

Percussion and flogging


Clavier and vocals

Old Red

Bass and guitarra

Quinton Taljenblock

Viola pomposa and kalimba

Sara Landmark

Percussion and high frequency croaking

Scurvy Ben

Percussion and vocals

Sawbones and ship's cook the same

Scurvy Ben that be his name

One mans loss, next mans gain

Coxswain toes his stew contain

Shameless Will

Vocals and vanity

Sickboy McCoy

Bass, harmonica and percussion

Silent Jim

Irish banjo, guitarra, mandolino and vocals

Slagter Lars

Bass and guitarra

Stina Hake

Recorders, whistles and cello

Wan Chou Zhong

Guitelele, banjo and sitar

His voice was thin,

his step was light,

he didn’t curse an’

he picked no fight