Ye Banished Privateers


Ye Banished Privateers be inspired by bastardized irish folk, high sea shanties, Scandinavian ballads of the frosen north, plays and court protocols of the pirate era – everything poured into a cracked and homemade 17th century punk mold.


St Gallen, Switzerland

September 12, 2014

Private event

Umeå, Sweden

October 03, 2014

Scharinska villan

Dorotea, Sweden

November 01, 2014

Hotell Dorotea



Major John

The crews Piper

Major John not man nor maid

Men in bed and grave both laid

Try steal from her a kiss you wish

She guts you like a rotten fish

Blackpowder Pete

Quarter master & Artificer

Quarter master blackpowder Pete

Clad in gold from top to feet

A shady man of selfish needs

Lads and lassies best take heeds

William "One Eye" O'Sullivan

First mate & Accordion player

One eye be the ship's first mate

Starboard side he can't locate

She used his eye for fishing bait

Monkey Boy

German style base drummer

Our drummer boy

Tone deaf must be

'es off the boat'

and out of key

Fiddler Eve

Fiddle & Navigation

Birds castin'eye to the lass in the surge

weeping a solem dirge.

Her watery eyes tell no lies

her sorrow's seen clear from the skies

Old red

Renegade governorial guard

Carpenter and drunkard

Be playin' a cracked and burned doghouse bass

Scurvy Ben

Drummer & Cannoneer

Sawbones and ship's cook the same

Scurvy Ben that be his name

One mans loss, next mans gain

Coxswain toes his stew contain

Val DuMonde

Marooned ex-captain & Guitarra

Last captains's name was Waldemon

A Spaniard & a bastard son

Gangplanked once & now marooned

His brother had his rear harpooned

Emilio DuMonde

Shiperyer & Guitarra

An' I jumped the bed

Screamed as I wake

This ship is gonna blow!

Jonathan "Hog Eye"

Lookout & Banjo player

Our lookout drunk in the crow's nest lies

No ship nor rock his hog eye spies

Shanghai Chong

French harp & Various strings

His voice was thin,

his step was light,

he didn’t curse an’

he picked no fight

Extended Crew

They be hoppin' on an off at the ports

Anton Teljebäck, Lisa Carlsson

Melker Häggbom Klingberg, RM Johansson

Jim Sundström, William Hallin

Magda Andersson, Niklas Lindroth

Nicklas Bohman, Calle Paju, Sofia Nilsson

Jonas Paro, Andreas Södermark

Anders Nyberg, Joel Löfwenius